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Welcome to the website of LenGo Automotive Group. This group consists of several independent companies spread over three countries in Europe and provides full services to the commercial vehicle industry. While primarily representing DAF, we also carry the brands Fiat Professional, IVECO, Kögel, en Kässbohrer. LenGo Automotive Group operates in the Netherlands, Poland and Russia. The group endeavours to provide its customers with an excellent service in both sales and after-sales phases, based on a clear focus on the world of commercial vehicles. Client-orientation is the core concept within our businesses. This is put into practice every day of the year by over 1.450 employees, each according to the customs of the country.

We have an exceptionally broad service network with modern and well-equipped workshops. Professionalism and effectiveness characterise are non-meaningless slogans. Continuity and reliability while retaining the family character of LenGo Automotive Group are crucially important to all member companies. The familial, friendly character is woven into the fabric of our businesses. On this website, we would like to introduce to you the businesses that operate under the banner of LenGo Automotive Group.